Zapp Plus Product Review

Zapp Plus Product Review

This is a full product review for the recently released Zapp Plus micro welder, produced by Sunstone Engineering in Utah, USA.

This arc pulse welder is produced largely for the permanent jewelry market and jewelry makers/bench jewellers. 

It is priced at $1299, and positioned as an affordable welder that has the power range of 1J-30J and the luxury stylus (available only in the higher price point welders), but price only a bit more than the entry level predecessor- the Zapp (priced at $999).

There is an available add-on package of optics: the Zapp Plus with standard ADL ($1499).  This package is the Zapp Plus, and additionally comes with a standard auto dimming lens (ADL), which is not sold separately;  argon Regulator (value $205), and PJ Starter Kit (value $200).  

The Zapp Plus is securely packaged in a box that is 24“ x 10” x 8”.  It weighs 7 pounds but the dimensional weight is about 14 pounds or just under 6.5kg.

A user manual is included, as well as a scan code that you can scan and activate your warranty immediately.

The standard warranty is 3 years, included in the purchase price.

The Zapp Plus, in my opinion, has been created in reaction to increased competition, coming both from Asia and now within the USA.  Sunstone has been pushed to offer what I think is their best value for the masses thus far.

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If you are unsure which welder is suitable for your business here is a chart outlining features and price points of various Sunstone micro welders that are popular in the Permanent Jewelry industry: