What is Permanent Jewelry? Why this trend is so hot and How it works Explained – Orion Micro Welder

What is Permanent Jewelry? Why this trend is so hot and How it works Explained – Orion Micro Welder

In this video, I will attempt to provide a thorough explanation as to what Permanent Jewelry is. Also, what is behind this phenomenal craze!

Permanent jewelry has no clasp; it is welded closed right on the body.  Think extreme fashion show – they need an exact fit, so the garments are stitched right onto the body.  The only way for it to come off is if you cut it off!


It is an artistic form of self expression, with a bit more commitment, which in itself is a personal statement. The significance of the jewelry is deeper.  Think of it as a tattoo, but a lot less painful and certainly less expensive.  It is also something to bond over, a reminder of friendship, love and relationship.  It is a favourite for clubs, sorority, wedding parties, groups of friends commemorating a special event/time, mother/daughter and sisters bracelets…  Permanent jewelry isn’t just for women; it is highly popular with men as well.  

When the customer is ready to remove the bracelet, it is very easy to add a clasp.  A momentous occasion is recognized such as when a graduation, a goal is achieved, marriage or new family member arrives. After the baby is born, mom can cut the bracelet and turn it into a baby bracelet as a keepsake.  There are so many fascinating and endearing ways for permanent jewelry to add to our lives.


Soldering close to the body is not safe, a flame strong enough to melt metal will turn skin crispy.  However, the engineers at Sunstone Engineering developed the Orion micro welder that uses arc pulse technology.  A current of electricity runs from the needle thin electrode to the grounding clip. This enables it to fuse two pieces of touching metal, or a jump ring whose ends are touching.

What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear how you would personalize yours and what would give you more meaning.