What is a Silver Finding?

What is a Silver Finding?

The word Finding is strange and I’m not sure where it comes from. However, it means Component, so Jewellery Findings really mean Jewellery Components.

There are many different types of Sterling Silver Findings. There are:

Stones and Findings has thousands of different Sterling Silver Findings. You can see them here at Sterling Silver Findings.  The most important tool in Jewellery Making is having Unique Jewellery Findings. The secret is in the accents.


Where are the best Sterling Silver Findings From?

Every country has their own specialty, and many can overlap in look, depending on the individual factory’s expertise. However, here are some generalizations and tips:

Best Sterling Silver Movable Mechanisms

The best Sterling silver lobster clasps, leverback earring hooks, come from Italy. They are machine made to precision, using Tempered Sterling Silver and thus last a long time without deviation. You should avoid buying small silver components with moving parts from countries that handmake most of their pieces, such as India, Indonesia and Thailand. India produces many Sterling Silver Leverbacks and Sterling Silver Lobster Clasps. However, they are highly prone to breakage and becoming loose. In recent years, some Chinese companies have begun investing in expensive Italian machinery, the quality of their Sterling Silver Findings is identical to those from Italy. However, the prices are not much cheaper because there is little labour involved and not much cost advantage for the Chinese.

Best Silver Castings

Silver Castings vary greatly with each country. In general, the best soldering is done using laser solders, detailed Silver Findings are cast with more expensive equipment, which excludes cottage industry producers and factories with poorly trained and inexpensive staff. There is some very intricate and wonderful craftsmanship from Bali and Thailand, as well as a few Chinese companies. Production of Silver Findings from India tend to be rougher than from Bali. The Chinese Silver Findings factories tend to produce machine made quality goods and are of higher quality. The poor quality Jewellery Findings producers tend to make Base metal Findings because Silver is such an expensive metal to work with.

Best Silver Stampings

I think the best silver stampings come from China and Italy, with a few exceptions from Bali and Thailand. China makes mostly bright silver findings, whereas Bali and Thailand use fewer stampings and produce more antique silver findings that are cast, unique and ethnic. Moulds for silver stampings is quite expensive and cost anywhere from US$120 to US$1000 depending on size and the number of blades needed, it is geared toward mass production and higher volume, which is favoured by Chinese and Italian companies.

Best anti-tarnishing Silver

I think the best anti-tarnishing silver comes from Italy and Isreal. Italians like to coat their Silver Findings with e-coating, or sometimes lacquer. This might last 3 months longer before it, too, begins to tarnish. The result with the lacquer is that it is super shiny and sometimes making it difficult to antique and sometimes there are problems with soldering these Silver Findings. Some Isreali companies blend their own Sterling Silver, the formula in the mix is a highly guarded secret, and varies from factory to factory. Their Sterling Silver tends to be more expensive, instead of adding copper in the mix for their pure silver, they add a more expensive metal that does not tarnish at all. This is the same principle as in Argentium.

Stones and Findings has the most variety and best quality Silver Findings in Canada. We create a large selection of our own Silver Findings, as well as carry designs from other Silver Component Factories. We bring the best from Italy, Isreal, India, Thailand and China. From China, we only use factories that are ISO9002 Certified. We believe the higher wages they pay their staff and the use of the latest Jewellery Making equipment is reflected in the quality of their work. We work with reputable and larger Indian factories that do not use child labour and guarantee the quality and genuineness of their Sterling Silver Findings.