Uses for Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Uses for Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Sterling Silver Snake Chain is a rope-like chain that looks smooth and classy on the neck. Often it is bought finished in various lengths and used as the basic necklace to hang different pendants from. However, if you choose to buy snake chain on a roll that can then be cut into lengths – the possibilities for its use are endless.

Crimp Ends are used to end off the Sterling Silver Snake Chain . They are incredibly easy to use and maneuver. Just insert the cut end of the snake chain into the crimp end and press it shut with flat nose pliers. This way you can attach it onto a jump ring and end it off. This is also a great way to give your chain a clean and finished look.

Some ways you can use the crimp ends is to cut the snake chain into 1.5 inch lengths and add crimp ends to one end of it. Then tie the ends together, add a cap to the tied end, embellish it with a silver bead and you’ll have yourself sterling silver tassel earrings. Stars such as Natalie Portman have made them incredibly fashionable in the last few years. You can also use a faceted colored semiprecious stone at the top to match it with outfits or add a bright accent to your piece.

Sterling Silver Snake Chain , though rope like, can only bend so far before they start to kink. This limited flexibility allows it to be formed into certain shapes. I have cut them into 3 inch lengths, put crimp ends at both ends and brought the two ends together. It results in a pear shaped frame that I then hang flat pear semiprecious stones inside. The crimp ends give it a professional yet unique look to the piece.

Adding to this idea, you can also put together 4-5 of these pear shaped snake chains and turn them into petals of a daisy. You can wire the ends together or solder them. If you would like, you could also wrap it around a crystal or semiprecious stone. This method is a great alternative to the wire wrapped pieces that you see so often. Customers are always looking for new and interesting pieces and snake chain could be one of them.

Another way to create a unique feel to your piece is to purposely cut into your finished Sterling Silver Snake Chain and add a fancy connector to it. If you kink your snake chain beyond repair, you could cut off the kinked piece, add crimp ends to the cut ends and then connect the two with a fancy sterling silver connector. That way you’re embellishing and reusing at the same time.

Sterling Silver Snake Chain can also act as connectors. If you put crimp ends at both ends, you can use them in multi-strand necklaces as smooth and elegant connectors. They’ll look like stylish tubes between small faceted roundels or round 3mm beads.

Overall, snake chain is not just another plain necklace that you can wear with interesting pendants. Sterling Silver Snake Chain , when looked at in small increments, is a great and versatile material that can add unique charm to your already interesting jewelry collection.