Uses for Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling Silver Bead Branches with Leaves

Sterling Silver Beads have been around since the pharaohs. Sterling Silver Beads are, essentially, like any other bead made with stone or wood; a shape which can allow stringing material to pass through it, entering one opening and exiting another. That is a categorical generalization because they can come in an infinite number of shapes, sizes, decorative patterns, filigree structure or solid. There are some you may not even recognize as a bead.


Sprigs and Berries

Sterling Silver Beads are popular in jewellery design use because, although they are difficult to manufacture, they are easy and versatile to use. They can be used to create a focal point when strung with other stone beads and pearls. They can also be used as charms, or hung from chains with a jump ring or a headpin. Sterling Silver Beads are usually as heavy as pendants or connectors that are visually twice its size because the surface area of the bead is more than twice the size of a coin of the same diameter. It is the surface area that makes it heavy and costlier. However, the effect can be well worth it.


Sterling Silver Beads do not get enough credit in the jewellery making industry because they are so easy to work with that often designers skip over talking about their use of these beads. However, the trusty and elegant Sterling Silver Bead is the loyal friend and money earner for seasoned and successful designers.

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