Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding Episode 6 – How to Weld Threader Earrings

In this video, I show how to weld long threaders earrings, and master the technique of welding stud posts to fine chains.  

It is important to use stud posts that do not contain a “base”, popularly used to solder or weld stud earrings with a casting.  You want to keep it as thin as possible because it will be pulled through the piercing in the earlobe.

The chain you use will also have to be thin so that it can be comfortable pulled through the lobe.  Most piercings can accommodate 1mm diameter thickness.

For cable/link chains, you must first collapse the link at the top to give it enough metal to weld to the post securely.  Otherwise, the link may be too fine and there is not enough metal. To do this, simply touch the tip of the link to the electrode, just as you would if you were welding.  The wire will melt down to the lower link, creating a lump of metal. 

Now you are ready to weld the chain end to the stud post.  

Once weld securely, use a pair of chain nose pliers to flatten the weld all the way around, to remove any lumping.  This will make it easier to thread.

This method can be used for any fine cable, rolo, box and snake chains.  The wonderful thing is that you can attach any drops, and create any length, to make truly unique and stunning earrings!

Click here to watch the full tutorial.

Materials used in this tutorial: