Unique Sterling Silver Leaf Clasps

Looking at jewelry and fashion design, one can see the return of nature in the patterns that we’re seeing on the runway and the street. Filigree patterns now feature leafy and flowery shapes with winding vines throughout the frame. Often, when a pendant is wire wrapped or features an organic and leafy bail, one wants to have a clasp that reflects this theme as well. There are several different kinds of clasps that you can use but some of the most common are sterling silver leaf clasps.

Unique Sterling Silver Leaf Clasps


Toggle Bars come in all shapes and sizes. The best is to find a supplier that can sell them to you individually so you can mix and match them that will allow you to create individual pieces. With the economic recession, individual pieces allow you to show your customers that this piece is one of a kind and cannot be found elsewhere.  Toggle Bars , with a long enough extender, are also able to give your necklace versatility. For example, if you have a simple sterling silver hammered chain, you can put a Toggle Bar at the end and close it anywhere you’d like, turning your necklace into a simple lariat. Toggle Bars can also be used as an accent in custom wire wrapped pendants. This way you can close your necklace at the front instead of the back, making your closure part of the accent.

Toggles come in different shapes and sizes. Stones and Findings features several different kinds of custom designed sterling silver Toggles that can be used in various ways. For example, you can use them as pendants or wear them as earrings. One doesn’t necessarily have to use a sterling silver finding for its designed purpose. In a lot of our decorative leaf toggles, the hole, though designed for a toggle bar, can be used to wire wrap and hang semiprecious stone beads off of.

Another kind of clasp is the Sterling Silver Leaf Clasps . They come together and close in various ways. One of them is the hook and eye closure. I will introduce you to one of our best selling leaf clasps that closes in a very interesting way.

Unique Sterling Silver Leaf Clasps 

For example, the small lemon balm leafs close together neatly so as to not reveal the eye and hook. So when they close together, they nestle together tightly and give the piece a cute and organic feel. Customers love this piece because it hides the eye and hook behind the toggle itself. Many of our customers who work with beaded necklaces and bracelets prefer this charm as it gives an extra accent to their already detailed work.

Overall, sterling silver leaf clasps are versatile, unique and can be taken apart to be used independently as closures or pendants. They are great highlights to your piece and if you are able to use your toggles in the front of your necklace, why not show it off?

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