The Symbolism of Doves

The Symbolism of Doves

We’ve seen many contemporary jewellery pieces accented with sterling dove charms. However, doves have long been a source of fascination for artists and philosophers alike. For artists, doves are often seen as a symbol of care, devotion, purity, and peace.

Doves are often associated with mother figures in historical dove symbolism. A good example of this is Mother Mary in Christianity. The dove is also a companion of Ishtar, the Great Mother of Assyrian culture. With promises of hope and salvation, the dove is very commonly seen in a motherly light.

This view is well-earned by the dove, as they often stop eating just before laying their eggs. This period of starvation ensures the pure formulation of milk, which means their offspring won’t struggle with bits of solid food in the milk. This self-sacrifice for their progeny is strikingly similar to the maternal instincts we attribute to our own mothers of lore.

The Symbolism of Doves

The dove is considered a symbol in many cultures. It was a symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and her Roman counterpart Venus. Slavic folklore maintains that doves conduct the souls of the dead to Heaven. The Celts took the mournful call of the dove to mean that someone close by had passed peacefully.

Many of us hold doves as a symbol of peace and love. Do we not say that lovers ‘bill and coo’ like doves? Doves are also monogamous, which could be the source of its connection with romantic and eternal love.

Sterling silver dove charms have become trendy in mainstream fashion, adopted by a diverse group of jewellery designers.. Often added to a birthstone, on a thin chain, dove charms can transform into symbol of our belief.

There’s a lot that you can do with dove charms . They look really fantastic surrounded with pearls and crystals, or even on their own as a set of earrings or a dainty charm bracelet to provide depth of meaning to a beautiful design. Dove charms look very feminine with pastel pearls, or you can liven them up with dark coloured Jades and Onyx. Try adding a few to your next Mother’s Day special! Dove charms appeal to a wide variety of clients, and you can be sure that they’ll be a classic addition to your next line.

Interestingly, the Zodiac sign most associated with the Dove is Scorpio. As the Scorpio sign is about metamorphosis, a Scorpio has the ability to change painful situations into the most passionate moments, and changing them into eternal love. A Scorpio has the capability to fill bad situations with love and compassion, traits that go hand in hand with the dove.

Consider these traits as a general list of dove symbolism.

  • Love
  • Grace
  • Promise
  • Devotion
  • Divinity
  • Holiness
  • Sacrifice
  • Maternal
  • Ascension
  • Purification
  • Messenger
  • Hopefulness

What message would you like dove charms to convey with your jewellery?