The Perfect Minimalist Single Stone Necklace

The Perfect Minimalist Single Stone Necklace

This video shows how to wire wrap a briolette (side drilled tear drop stone) into a chain . 

To make this necklace you are going to need the following:

1.  16″ Gold Filled chain 

2.  15cm of 26 ga Gold Filled Wire 

3.  A 8mm Rose Quartz Briolette  

4.  Round and Chain Nose Pliers 


First cut the chain in the middle – if you wish to make the finished piece shorter, it is far easier to cut away from the middle of the chain (save that for for something else and no need to waste). With the length of wire, thread through one chain, the briolette and then the other chain. Take round nose pliers and make a small loop. Slide the chain into the loop and then wire wrap the loop closed. This will securely attach the chain into the loop. Then trim off excess wire. 


Slide the bead next to the loop, make another loop with the length of wire, leaving very little slack for the bead to slide around. Slide the chain into the loop, like the other one, and close the loop by wire wrapping it securely. If you do not want to make further wire embellishments, trim wire. Otherwise, wrap excess wire around the tip of the bead, under the loops, careful to avoid tangling chains. Then loop the end around one of the loops.