The Pendulum Bail

The Pendulum Bail

Not only are these bails stunning, they are easy to use! . 

To make this necklace you are going to need the following:

1.  Amoracast Pendulum Bail

2.  A Front Drilled Pendant

3. Chain

4.  A Jump Ring

The Pendulum Bail, by Amoracast, is elegant in aesthetic as it is in design.  It works on the principle of a safety pin and locks securely!

For any front drilled pendant – stone, large baroque pearl or even donut shaped stone – simply put the pin through, and using a pair of pliers, bend the pin up (allowing some room so that the stone can swing freely).

Depending on the thickness of the pendant, the pin will have excess height.  Trim accordingly, but leave it longer than the top of the clearance at the back – you want a little height so that you can tuck it into the hollow in the top of the bail. 

Using the pliers, bend the pin slightly and nudge it from the side into the hollow and straighten out the pin, allowing for maximum height into the hollow for security.  Now you are ready to add a jumpring (select the size based on the thickness of your intended chain) through the top look that would allow your chain to slide through.