The Orion mPulse Micro Welder: Part 3 – Setup

The Orion mPulse Micro Welder: Part 3 – Setup

Orion mPulse – What’s in the box?

All of the parts, including the extra tungsten electrodes and brush, fit well into the padding which is placed into a 8”x8”x24” box thus minimizing any chance of damage during shipment.  Shipping wasn’t exorbitant and the machine should arrive in good working order because of the strong Styrofoam padding.

Setting Up the Orion mPulse

It is super simple to setup and takes less than two minutes to complete.  Please see our video on how to set it up:

The official video created by Orion forgets to tell viewers that they need to push the ‘play’ button in order to start the machine.  Perhaps other videos show this, but not the first two we watched.

Coming up next, Welding With the Orion mPulse!

Written by Dana Henning.