The Chain Matters

The Chain Matters

How often have you visited a jewellery designer’s booth and loved a pendant or bracelet they had, but somehow it just didn’t look quite right?  Many designers fall into the trap of buying a ‘one size fits all’ Sterling Silver Chain  they put all of their pendants on, often forgetting that a chain can make or break the look of a necklace.

A solitary Sterling Silver Pendant often looks elegant hanging from a simple Sterling Silver Chain. The clean lines and uniform color allow it to be paired with an assortment of ensembles and to be worn in a variety of situations.

However, the creation of a beautiful and balanced piece is not as simple as pairing a Sterling Silver Pendant with any Sterling Silver Chain. The thickness and structure of the chain are as important to the overall feel of the necklace as the pendant itself is. A heavy, complex chain would overwhelm a small, delicate silver pendant, while a chain that is too fine might look out of place with a more robust pendant.

When finding a chain to match a Sterling Silver Pendant, there are three characteristics that should be considered: size of the pendant, the delicacy of the pattern, and complexity of the design.

The Chain Matters
The Seashore Necklace features sterling silver satellite chain and Amoracast’s sterling silver Pebble Eternity Design Frame.

Generally, small Sterling Silver Pendants work best with a thin chain. However, a large pendant does not necessarily work best with a thick chain. The chain should be strong enough to hold the pendant, but its thickness should match the delicacy of the pendant. A large but finely wrought pendant would be overbalanced by a heavy chain. But, a heavy chain would pair nicely with a chunkier pendant.

Along with size and delicacy, the complexity of the pendant can determine the best chain to match it with. A very simple pendant, a shape perhaps, does well with a complex chain which can add dimension to the piece. However, a more complex pendant demands a more basic chain, so the focus can remain on the pendant.

So, when choosing a chain to match a pendant, don’t just pick the first one that you see. Consider your options, and make a tasteful choice. You’ll be much happier with the end result!

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