Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – The Best Length for Permanent Anklet

Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – The Best Length for Permanent Anklet

Permanent anklets are far trickier than traditional anklets because you do not have a clasp to adjust the length every time you put it on. With so much added movement and the flexing of the achilles tendon and muscles when we walk or jog, the chain can become stretched.

A large number of permanent jewelry providers have complained about stretching and want to know where best to weld for an anklet. On the narrowest part of the leg (above the ankle), draping over the ankle bone, or below the ankle?

Here in this video, I did an experiment to find the best length for a permanent ankle. One length at the narrowest part, above the ankle, and another around the ankle bone. I used the same chain for all three areas so that they are the same in terms of thickness and strength. I can properly and fairly conduct the test. To test out what happens when I am standing still vs when I am walking or running, I cut two chains of the same length – one per foot. I discovered that my right ankle is thicker than my left. I had broken my right ankle playing ultimate frisbee 18 years ago. So, intentionally, the chain draped below my ankle bone for my left foot.

As it turned out, the chain above the ankle, at the narrowest part of the leg, stretched the most. I felt it tugging as I walked. This was counterintuitive, but I now understand. Gravity naturally pulls it lower, but as I walked, it was gently being stretched each time I flexed.

The chain BELOW my ankle bone – I felt nothing. It was hardly perceptible right after I welded it on. The chain around the ankle bone (my right leg) was bit more noticeable. However, not nearly as much as I felt the shortest one around the narrow part of my leg.

I will do an updated video in about a month’s time and share it with everyone.

Jewelry components used in this video (all available online | with product code): Permanent anklets are Satellite Chain — CX08G

3mm 24ga Jump Ring — FJ12G

Orion Micro Welder mPulse