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Gold Filled Chain – Dramatic Baroque Pearl Ring

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make A Baroque Pearl gold filled Chain Ring (or Any Beaded Chain Ring) In this video. I will show you how to easily make a baroque pearl ring using wire and gold filled chain.  You can use this same method to make any beaded chain ring. This is very […]

Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Steps to Make a Soldered Ring Charm Holder Pendant This video will show you how to easily make a soldered ring pendant that can hold multiple charms – while remaining weight balanced! This method is guaranteed to work for ANY shaped soldered ring or frame. Oval, rectangle, square and organically shaped […]

Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

DIY Jewelry Tutorial Hack – How to Make Eternity Necklace Pendant (with Salvaged Endless Hoops) In this video, I will show you how to turn broken endless hoops into a beautiful pendant necklace. This method will work with any hollow tube and any drop!Sometimes you lose one hoop and Instead of throwing it out, you […]

Wire Wrap – Flower Connector

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap a Florette Pattern Connector In this jewelry tutorial video, I will show you how to wire wrap a Florette (or flower pattern) connector with beads. This method works for all different sizes of stone beads, pearls or crystals. You can substitute for size and shape to make so […]