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How to Make a Custom Chain Ring (Permanent Jewelry) Welding with Orion Micro Welder mPulse

In this video, I show how to make a chain ring right on the hand, welding with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  Rings are the original permanent jewelry! If you are like me, and have big knuckles on skinny fingers, then conventional rings are not very comfortable.  Rings that are big enough to go over […]

Jewelry Tutorial – Easiest Way to Make a Ring – Chain Ring Wire Wrapping

This is literally the easiest ring that you can make, but with professional looking results!You simply need a bit of soldered chain and some wire.   Measure the chain around the knuckle.  Usually our knuckles are thicker than the base of the finger, where the ring will likely be worn.  Allow for the length of your […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap A Cocktail Ring

.   Start by measuring the amount of wire you will need.  You can easily do this by using a piece of string or dental floss – place around the knuckle or ring sizer and then stretch it out over a ruler.  Or you can look it up online if you know the size.  For my […]