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Hoop Studs: Transforming your Earrings

Jewelry Tutorial Hack -Easy Ways to Wear Hoop Stud Earrings Hoop Stud earrings are awesome!!  They are easy to wear, especially if you struggle with the closure of endless hoops, and they can be easily transformed with enhancers and drops.   Texture Earrings! If they are gold filled or solid 925 silver, by simply pinching and […]

Using A Wire Guardian

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Finish A Strung Beaded Necklace This video will show you how to finish a beaded necklace using wire guardians and clasp.  Don’t worry, it is easy! I have designed an endless necklace that can be worn in many ways! I can as a one long necklace to go with your […]

Gold Filled Chain – Dramatic Baroque Pearl Ring

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make A Baroque Pearl gold filled Chain Ring (or Any Beaded Chain Ring) In this video. I will show you how to easily make a baroque pearl ring using wire and gold filled chain.  You can use this same method to make any beaded chain ring. This is very […]

Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Steps to Make a Soldered Ring Charm Holder Pendant This video will show you how to easily make a soldered ring pendant that can hold multiple charms – while remaining weight balanced! This method is guaranteed to work for ANY shaped soldered ring or frame. Oval, rectangle, square and organically shaped […]

Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

DIY Jewelry Tutorial Hack – How to Make Eternity Necklace Pendant (with Salvaged Endless Hoops) In this video, I will show you how to turn broken endless hoops into a beautiful pendant necklace. This method will work with any hollow tube and any drop!Sometimes you lose one hoop and Instead of throwing it out, you […]

Lariat Necklace – Easy and Adjustable

DIY Jewelry Tutorial -Easiest Adjustable Lariat Necklace This video will show you how to make a lariat necklace easily!  All you need is a few pendants/charms, chain, double silicone bead and a few jump rings. A Lariat necklace has no clasp and has two tassels on the front. For our lariat, we are using a double […]

Jewelry Tutorial – Easiest Way to Make a Ring – Chain Ring Wire Wrapping

This is literally the easiest ring that you can make, but with professional looking results!You simply need a bit of soldered chain and some wire.   Measure the chain around the knuckle.  Usually our knuckles are thicker than the base of the finger, where the ring will likely be worn.  Allow for the length of your […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use The Sliding Adjustable Add-A-Bead Necklace

18" Cable Oval Adjustable Necklace with Sliding Bead 14kt Gold Filled

The Adjustable Add A Bead Necklace will allow you to customize the exact length of the necklace by sliding the chain along the silicone bead.The silicone filled bead a lot of grip and will hold the chain in place.  There is a spring ring clasp which will allow you to open and lock the necklace.  […]

Jewelry Tutorial – Ribbon Tassel Making

I am using soft ribbon by Mokuba for this tassel.  However, all of the materials can be substituted – you can use ribbon or other materials of different widths and thicknesses.   Simply wrap the ribbon around your hand (or another object that will give you the length of tassel that you want).  How many times depends on […]

Jewelry Tutorial – Wire Wrapping Flourette Chandelier Earrings With Crystal and Chain

This is a simple and cost effective way to make beautiful chandelier earrings.Thread the center crystal in between the two ends of the chain.  To avoid the chain twisting, let it drop naturally and, once it stops spinning, pick up the other end thread through immediately.Tip  – The trick is to hold the two side beads […]