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Long Spike Stud Earrings Step by Step – Micro Welding Series Episode 17

micro welding episode 17 spike stud earrings

In this video, that’s another episode of creative jewelry making with your microwelder, I’ll be guiding you through the process of creating stunning long spike stud earrings from scratch. Let’s get started! Materials and Tools Step 1: Cutting the Wire Start with 16 gauge Sterling silver wire. Don’t worry if the ends are a bit […]

Warnings About Potential Dangers of Unsafe Arc Micro Welders

warning safety grey arc pulse micro welder permanent jewelry

In this video, I issued a crucial warning about the potential dangers of using off-brand gray arc welders for permanent jewelry. These welders, originally designed for the dental industry, are extremely powerful and can discharge even after being turned off, posing significant safety risks that could lead to severe injuries. A Real Incident: Customer Experience […]

Introducing: The Ultimate Permanent Jewelry Training Course – Now Available!

introduction to the ultimate permanent jewelry training course

We would like to introduce the Ultimate Permanent Jewellery Training Course. We use the word Ultimate because no other word can describe it better. Within its 49 videos and 87 pages in the PDF’s, it covers all the aspects and training for starting, operating and growing a successful permanent jewelry business. Stones And Findings is […]

Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding Episode 2 – Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace


In this video, I shared the technique of making a pendant by welding wire with a baroque pearl (and any bead), using a micro welder. This method works for any pulse arc micro welder that can weld between 5 W to 10 W power. In this video, I am using the Zapp, but it works […]

How to Make Stud Earrings with Pearl Beads Micro Welding Tutorial – Unleash Your Creativity With Micro Welder Episode One


In this video, I demonstrate how to make pearl stud earrings using round wire, pearl beads and the Zapp micro welder. This method works for any bead and micro welder that has low power setting. The trick to creating a ball at the end of a piece of wire so as to stop it from […]

How to Attach Jump Rings To Bezels – Micro Welding Tutorial for Permanent Jewelry


In this video, I demonstrate the best and easiest way to turn a pendant into a connector, by welding a jump ring onto a bezel. A bezel is a method of stone setting, whereby a strip of metal (in this case silver) encases the edge, surrounding the stone. Round bezels are the hardest to connect because […]

How to Successfully Weld Super Fine Jump Rings and Wire Tutorial


In this video, I show tricks to weld super fine jump rings. Both sides of the jump ring must be touching sufficiently before you weld. Otherwise, “blowout” happens – where the gap becomes bigger as the wire ends roll back. When jump rings are 26 gauge (0.45mm) or thinner, they are very hard to see. Also, sometimes […]

How To Weld Invisible Connection with Briolette Drop for Permanent Bracelets – Microwelder Tutorial


In this video, I demonstrate how easy it is to weld an invisible connection with a briolette (drop stone bead) for permanent bracelets. The result is that no wire is showing, and the drop bead looks like it is floating on the chain. Find wire that is thin enough to go through the hole of the […]

How to Weld Briolette (Teardrop) Beads in Seconds – Micro Welding Tutorial

This video shows you how easy it is to attach a briolette (teardrop) stone by welding.  It only takes seconds, and anyone can do it – as opposed to wire wrapping, which takes time and some skill. You can use the thickest wire that can go through the teardrop bead.  Depending on the size of […]

How to Measure and Weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet Using Wire


In this video, I teach how to measure and weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet from scratch (using wire). I will introduce different wire thicknesses – 12ga (2mm) to 18ga (1mm) using sterling silver wire, and welding using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse 30. I will demonstrate 2 different methods to calculate the wire required for […]