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Warnings About Potential Dangers of Unsafe Arc Micro Welders

warning safety grey arc pulse micro welder permanent jewelry

In this video, I issued a crucial warning about the potential dangers of using off-brand gray arc welders for permanent jewelry. These welders, originally designed for the dental industry, are extremely powerful and can discharge even after being turned off, posing significant safety risks that could lead to severe injuries. A Real Incident: Customer Experience […]

Pricing Strategy for your Jewellery Designs – Part 1

Magpie Stash Necklace

There are full semester courses at top business schools devoted to the topic of pricing strategy and from the disastrous Netflix price increase a couple of years back, we know that pricing is…

Jewellery Making Business Success – Part 1

Dyed Iridescent Green Nugget

It always amazes me how stark of a contrast in attitude and discipline a successful retailer exhibits in comparison to one who is struggling. The same thing can be said about jewellery designers and also staff…