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Enamel Chains: Durable, Colorful, and Perfect for Permanent Jewelry

thumbnail enamel chains

In this video, we discuss everything you need to know about enamel chains – from their popularity, to how they are made, how they wear as permanent jewelry, and I will test their durability against stones and pearls.  Enamel jewelry has been a beloved art form for centuries, admired for its vibrant colors and remarkable durability. Today, […]

How to Add Versatility to a Short Necklace: A Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Jewelry Design

In this video, I will demonstrate a design tip that can add versatility to any traditional short necklace, whether it is beaded or a chain necklace. This is an especially useful when you sell jewelry and may have old inventory, or need to customize for someone who is taller, larger or older (and don’t like short […]

Creating a Custom Signet Ring with Your Micro Welder: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to Episode 14 of our micro welding series! Today, we’ll unleash your creativity with a micro welder to craft a stunning stamped initial signet ring from wire, perfectly sized for a size 7 finger. Follow along as I walk you through each step of the process, from measuring and cutting the wire to finishing […]