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Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – The Best Length for Permanent Anklet

Permanent anklets are far trickier than traditional anklets because you do not have a clasp to adjust the length every time you put it on. With so much added movement and the flexing of the achilles tendon and muscles when we walk or jog, the chain can become stretched. A large number of permanent jewelry […]

How Best to See More Clearly and Safely When Micro Welding – Orion PJ Micro Welder

This video will show you a revolutionary hack so that you can see the tiny electrode and itty bitty jump ring seam more clearly, easily, safely. And without spending more money.  Everything you need you already have! This is how best to see more clearly and safely when micro welding. The number one struggle I […]

Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Tip – How to Find The Jump Ring Seam After Closing Before Welding

External In this video I demonstrate ways to help you locate the jump ring seam more easily once it has been properly closed. Several permanent jewelry welders have asked if I struggle to find the seam once the jump ring is tightly closed (sides touching).  Yes!! Of course, I do and you can hear me in some […]

 How to Wire Wrap Cultured Freshwater Pearl or Stone Bead Connector for Bracelets

In this video, I show how to wrap a pearl connector using wire and freshwater seed pearls. The same technique applies for any bead and for any number of beads. It is a great idea for the number of beads to represent the family unit, number of kids, or birthstones, to commemorate major milestones! I […]

 How To Fix and Salvage Jump Rings and Bad Welds for Permanent Jewelry – Orion Micro Welder Tutorial

I made this video for Morgan (from Florida) – she asked if there is any way of salvaging a jump ring that has balled up (or has become deformed after it has failed to weld securely). Although 925 silver and gold filled jump rings are inexpensive ($0.06 and $0.12 ea, respectively) and your time costs […]

How To Prevent Stuck Electrode – Permanent Jewelry Welding with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse

I made this video in response to a question posed in the comments of another video. The person was having trouble where the electrode was getting stuck to the jump ring that they are trying to weld. Note that all of the models of Orion Micro Welders have a built in system where, instantaneously after […]

How To Wire Wrap Birthstones for Permanent Bracelet Charms

This Jewelry Tutorial video shows you how to wire wrap a birthstone or beaded charm for a permanent bracelet.   Wire wrap birthstone charms can be made with any size of bead, any bead. Birthstones and beads with crystal healing properties are especially meaningful on a permanent bracelet!!   Takes very little practice.  Trick is using […]

 How To Create a Fidget Ring – Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Orion Micro Welder mPulse

This video shows you how to create and weld a fidget ring. Studies have shown that fidgeting is actually helpful for concentration, especially for people struggling to maintain attention. I wish I knew this when I was growing up. This ring is very easy to create and you can use any bead or charm. You […]

 Permanent Jewelry Business Strategy – Refund Policy and Tips – Orion Micro Welder Tutorial

Should I give an unhappy customer a full refund? New business owners in the permanent jewelry industry ask me this very question. They are new at welding and still getting the hang of it. Here are my thoughts on Permanent Jewelry refund policy and tips. This video answers the question posed to me recently.  The […]

 How to Clean Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelets – Jewelry Tutorial

This video shows you the best way to clean sterling silver permanent bracelets. Very important to know as permanent bracelets cannot be removed the jewelry for cleaning. To demonstrate, I took some very old and tarnished sterling silver chain and made it into a permanent bracelet (in other words, no clasp where I can unlock […]