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Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make An Angel Pendant Using Calla Lily Cone and Angel Wing Spacer Bead By Amoracast

We are using 3mm bicones and 2 inch chain for the legs and feet, the Calla Lily cone for the skirt and Angel Wings.  First make the legs.  Take a small head pin and thread the 3mm bicone.  Make a loop and slip the chain inside the loop before closing it by wire wrapping.  Use […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Angel Pendant with Angel Wing Spacer Bead by Amoracast

To Create, use a stone pear shaped bead before the skirt, a daisy spacer, an angel wing spacer bead by Amoracast, followed by a 4mm pearl and another daisy spacer for the halo. You can substitute the beads for the skirt and head, but the essential component are the wings.   Thread all of the components, […]