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 How to Open and Close Jump Rings Properly and Securely – Permanent Jewelry

In this Short video, I show How to Open and Close Jump Rings – Properly  This is one of the most basic, but extremely valuable, piece of knowledge. You’ll needed this to connect components securely – for permanent jewelry welding, as well a any sort of jewelry making It is simple, and yet if not done correctly, […]

How to To Tell Real vs Fake Gold Filled (Plated vs Genuine Gold Filled) Gold Acid Test

I find it impossible just by looking with the naked eye, if a chain is gold filled or it is gold plated.  You can tell after wearing it for a while (a few weeks to a few months later), when gold plating tarnishes or the plating has started to wear off. Gold filled performs the […]

Welding is Easy – First Time Welding Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder mPulse

I want to share this video with you because many people are interested in starting a permanent jewelry business. They have written and asked how hard it is to master and whether they should get one-on-one lessons.  I documented my friend Heather’s first time welding on the Orion Micro Welder.  She is a portfolio manager with no […]

Easiest Way to Make Hand Stamp Initial Connector – Permanent Jewelry Tutorial Micro Welding

In this video I show the trick to getting a straight and clean hand stamp a letter onto an oval gold filled stamping disc connector.  Afterwards, I weld the connector into a permanent bracelet using the Orion mPulse Micro Welder. There are many pre-made initial bracelet connectors on the market that are easy to use.  […]

Tricks and Tips for Better Welding Control – Best Power Setting For Orion Micro Welder and Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder In this video I show some tricks of fine tuning your welding control by adjusting the power setting. Also by adjusting the electrode of the Orion Micro Welder.  This is especially important when welding permanent jewelry, which requires connections of fine jump rings.   To give a good visual demonstration, […]

Are Dark Safety Goggles Necessary for Using The Orion Micro Welder When Welding Permanent Bracelets?

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder It is recommended that operators wear dark protective safety goggles when welding.  In traditional industrial welding, there are huge sparks, flying metal and very bright and sustained light.  The intensity of the light, and its UV rays will cause permanent damage to the eye.   When I was young, I […]

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet With Beads and No Jump Ring

Welding Permanent Bracelets In this videohttps://youtu.be/nRDM5nuB7mk I show you how to weld a permanent bracelet (forever bracelet) using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  The chain that I use is a sterling silver beading chain, which I wholesale. The diameter is 0.5mm (24 ga), thin enough to go through regular sized pearls, 4mm Swarovski bicones and many […]

How to Make Jump Rings Smaller for Permanent Bracelet and Jewelry Making – Orion Micro Welder mPulse

  In this video, I show how to reduce the size of jump rings for permanent bracelet welding.  However, the same principles apply for general silversmithing and beading, and from any size of jump ring to something smaller. This is a useful trick to remember because you may want very small jump rings which are not carried […]

5 Things to Know About Gold Filled Permanent Bracelets Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder Gold filled chains are a great option for permanent bracelets, if you do not wish to have the expense of solid gold (I wholesale both!). Here are 5 things you need to know about gold filled permanent bracelets: 1. Gold filled is not the same as heavy plating. There […]

How to Make a Custom Chain Ring (Permanent Jewelry) Welding with Orion Micro Welder mPulse

In this video, I show how to make a chain ring right on the hand, welding with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  Rings are the original permanent jewelry! If you are like me, and have big knuckles on skinny fingers, then conventional rings are not very comfortable.  Rings that are big enough to go over […]