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Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Necklace Using the Ivy Cail by Amoracast

The Cail, invented by Amoracast, works like a cap and looks like a bail – hence, Cail! It is a clever invention that can transform any vertically drilled bead into a beautiful pendant.   Start by forming the Cail around the bead, if it is irregularly shaped.  Once you are satisfied with the way it will sit, […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use a Unicorn Bead cap

Use a head pin (at least 1.5″ long) and thread your bead and then the cap.  The cap fits ideally an 8mm bead.  If your bead is irregular in shape, adjust the cap slightly to fit snug around the bead. Using a pair of round nose pliers, make a loop with the head pin.  Then […]

Cascading Chain Tutorial

This jewelry tutorial video shows how to make long cascading chain earrings with a briolette stone and thin chains. To Make These Earrings, you will need the following:1. FIne Cable Flat Oval Gold Filled Chain 2. 24ga Gold Filled Wire 3. Teardrop Rose Quartz 4. 4mm Round Bead 5. Gold Filled Earrings This technique can […]

How to Wire Wrap Beads Onto a Chain in a Cluster

This video shows how to wire wrap beads on a chain in a cluster style. This method works for both a necklace and earrings.  We’ve used 26 gauge gold filled wire and 2mm green tourmaline beads.  The same concept works using either wire or head pins, just thread in reverse order.  For wire, thread it […]

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