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Shapes in Freshwater Pearls

Looking at the fashion trend for the last few years, geometric designs are in. You’ll notice this trend increasingly in Balenciaga or Pedro Lourenco. A great way to play off…

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearl Necklace

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced Marc Antony with a lavish meal whereby she dissolved an exquisite pearl in vinegar and swallowed the concoction in one mouthful.  In ancient times, pearls were of such immense value that a sizeable pearl was worth enough money to raise an army. Although the price of pearls has certainly come […]

Selecting Stone Beads


A few weeks ago I bumped into my dentist while shopping at Loblaws, the grocery chain. She was selecting cherries. She unzipped the bags that held the cherries and was picking the best out of each of thebags on the table…