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Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry

How To Make Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry – Step by Step Tutorial with Orion Micro Welder Body jewelry is beautiful, and even more exciting when it is permanent!  Here I filmed myself making a permanent ring bracelet just from chain and jump rings, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse. First, measure the chain needed for the […]

Jump Rings and Fine Chains

How to Add Jump Ring Through Fine Chain (and Satellite Chain)- Jewelry Tutorial This video shows you how I enlarge the link of a fine curb chain so that an open ring can be added. Sometimes the links in our favourite chain are too small to easily fit the jump rings we want to thread […]

Gold Filled Components and Chain

Can You Weld or Solder it?  Can you solder or weld gold filled jump rings and jewelry components?  The popularity of permanent jewelry (aka Forever Bracelet, Sparks Bracelet, welded body jewelry) skyrocketed recently. Many people want to know if you can weld gold filled jewelry. If yes, what happens down the line?  In this video. […]

Amoracast Dragonflies – Welding Forever Bracelets

How to Weld Forever Permanent Bracelet with Amoracast Design Using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse 30 In this video, I will show how I weld a Forever Bracelet. (also known as a Promise Bracelet, Sparks Bracelet or an Infinity Bracelet). Using the Triple Dragonflies Connector by Amoracast. To make this I will be using the […]

The Orion Micro Welder – Welding Forever Bracelets

how to weld a forever bracelet using the orion mircro welder

Use The Orion Micro Welder to weld your Forever Bracelets In this video, I show the process of welding a Forever Bracelet, also known as a Promise Bracelet or an Infinity Bracelet, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse model. The premise of this style of bracelet is that it is permanent.  Often friends get matching […]

Slip On Adjustable Bracelet – How-To Jewelry Tutorial with Silicone Bead

This video will show how to make a sliding adjustable bracelet using a silicone bead charm. The silicone filled bead has a hole through which a thin chain can pass.  Here I am using a 1.2mm gold filled cable chain. Wire wrap the silicone charm bead permanently onto a piece of chain.   Do not cut […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use The Sliding Adjustable Add-A-Bead Necklace

The Adjustable Add A Bead Necklace will allow you to customize the exact length of the necklace by sliding the chain along the silicone bead.The silicone filled bead a lot of grip and will hold the chain in place.  There is a spring ring clasp which will allow you to open and lock the necklace.  […]

Easy Stretchy Bracelet

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers .  To make this bracelet you are going to need the following: 1.  Elastic Silk 2.  Smooth Round Rose Quartz   This video shows you how to string elastic bracelets with a stringing hack.  I often get asked what is the best elastic to use for stone bracelets.  I […]

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearl Necklace

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced Marc Antony with a lavish meal whereby she dissolved an exquisite pearl in vinegar and swallowed the concoction in one mouthful.  In ancient times, pearls were of such immense value that a sizeable pearl was worth enough money to raise an army. Although the price of pearls has certainly come […]

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