Sterling Silver Wire Shapes

Sterling Silver Wire Shapes

Sterling Silver Wire is one of the single most useful Jewellery Components ever invented. Stones And Findings has a variety of shapes and gauges Sterling Silver Wire. In Jewellery Making, Silver Wire can be used to weave, connect components, thread beads, tie and frame, and embellish beads. Silver Wire can also be hammered and twisted into shapes and be, in itself, the centre of the Jewellery Design.

Shapes of Silver Wire

Round Sterling Silver Wire

Round Silver Wire is the most commonly used in Jewellery Making. As most bead holes are drilled round, round Sterling Silver Wire fits the best. Unlike square Sterling Silver Wire, round Sterling Silver Wire will not show edges and you don’t have to worry about misalignment. Round wire is the best for beginners, it is also the most readily available of all Silver Wires. It comes in spools, coils, and foot-length straight pieces.

Square Sterling Silver Wire

Square Sterling Silver Wire is needed in certain projects where round wire just won’t work, for example; when you need hanging pieces not to swing or swivel.
You can use Square Sterling Silver Wire as the cog that fits into a square hole. Square Sterling Silver Wire also produces a nice faceted look for fancy wire wrapping.

Half Round Sterling Silver Wire

Half Round Silver Wire is available at some specialty bead stores. It has some of the same properties of Square Silver Wire when you need things secured, but can also provide the aesthetics of round wire when wrapped.