Sterling Silver Star Charms

Sterling Silver Star Charms

Sterling silver charms transcend age and culture. And one of the most iconic sterling silver charms is the star. Often found in fine and costume jewellery alike, it represents hope and dreams, and the best of things. The word stellar is often used to mean something well above normal achievements.

I can’t think of any culture which does not have the star symbol as part of their mainstream political image. The star is the focal point for some national flags such countries as USA, Israel and China, just to name a few. But for personal expression without any political statement, many of us are happy to use sterling silver star charms . For gift giving, it is almost a sure winner as well. Luxury brands such as Tiffany and Bulgari make bold star charm jewellery . In fact, I am hard pressed to think of any designer, who works with sterling silver , that has never created any jewellery using a stylized sterling silver star charm.

The 5 point sterling silver star is aesthetically appealing. It adds interest to and contrast against round semi-precious stone beads and freshwater pearls , conically shaped and teardrop shaped crystals and glass. Also, being sterling silver , the star charms add sheen and a different texture to crystals and semi-precious stones. Stones and Findings carries some five point sterling silver charms .

I personally really like star bursts. It represents energy and creativity. We have created some starburst shapes as part of our collection of sterling silver star charms. We have made them into large and smaller sizes. They can both be great enhancers from which to hang drops for earrings, as well as used in the traditional charm bracelet or necklace.

We’ve also linked the charms and created a starburst chain . You can cut the chain and use the individual pieces as sterling silver star charms. Or you can cut sections and add them to chains for a longer and more varied look. It is rather versatile.

Sterling Silver Star Charms

We’ve brought in a couple of types of larger star shapes as part of our sterling silver star charm grouping. These can be used as toggles , with matching toggle bar or smaller pendants. The Star of David is more religious, and has been historically political. However there are some designers whose collections is based around this. We’ve also brought in a sterling silver version of the Star of David this in to add to our mix. It has so far proven to be rather popular.

Sterling silver star charms will always play an important role for jewellery. They are interesting to look at, fun to wear. I highly recommend that you try blending them in with your other components to add luster and movement to your pieces.