Sterling Silver Earring Hooks

Sophisticated Swing

It is very important to invest in good Sterling Silver earring hooks for your earring designs. Sterling silver versions do not cost much more than base metal, often times less than a dollar more than base metal ones. However, it is the single most value-added business decisions that you can make. Here are the reasons why:

Many people are allergic to base metal. So, for gift giving, customers will prefer to buy sterling silver. You would eliminate a host of possible customers by skimping to save the extra dollar. For any jewelry to be considered hypo-allergenic, it must not contain any nickel. However, there are many customers who are allergic to brass and copper. Sterling Silver earring hooks are the best way to go when the customer is unsure. They will be more comfortable purchasing and giving pieces that are made with better quality material.

Sterling silver has better perceived value. If you are going to bother taking the time to make and sell a design, use material that has better perceived value. It will be in keeping with the artisan idea. Your designs will also not compete directly with the ‘two pairs for $6’ on the racks at Zara and H&M. They will never carry sterling silver. By simply using Sterling Silver earring hooks, you’ve eliminated a huge group of competitors for the extra dollar that you spend. (And please, I am not suggesting even remotely that your designs are kitschy like theirs, so please don’t send me miffy-toned emails. I am on your side). I am simply suggesting a great strategy, and we need as many of those as we can get.


Some worry about added costs, even if it’s an extra dollar because they have to put in a lot of work and then there is the cost of the beads. Well, there are ways to keep prices low, high perceived value, and greater turnover. And everything is about margin and turnover, or at least it should be. You can use more ornate Sterling Silver earring hooks and combine a simple drop of pearl or stone. Then your earring is done for less than $4, and you can wholesale for $15, retail for $30. The work will take you less than 3 minutes. This will far outweigh putting many cheap beads on base metal hooks, which you will not likely get more than $15 retail for.

Earrings are fast sellers, and great add-on sales. The margin is far higher than necklaces, and if you choose the right materials, it will definite become the bread and butter of your collection. We have some great ideas to get you started on our Ideas page. Good luck with sales!

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