Sterling Silver Clasps

Sterling Silver Clasps


Every good sterling silver necklace deserves a great sterling silver clasp. Not only should it be durable and well made, it should work well with the rest of the necklace aesthetically. Sophisticated designers go one step further and make the clasp a possible focal point of the necklace. Have you ever had the clasp of your necklace shift to the front or side of your neck while you were wearing it? Well, you should be prepared and make sure it looks good.

Italians make the greatest sterling silver clasps that are in the trigger category. They are machine made with great precision. This is important because you want the lock to last. The spring mechanism must work, and this cannot be handmade properly. Stones and Findings carries a wide variety of Italian sterling silver clasps:





. They are the best and I am really happy with their quality. I do not use any other with my designs. I find the trigger clasps made in India are vastly inferior.

Asians and pearl necklace designers are very fond of slip style sterling silver clasps. The makeup of this type of clasp is different from the trigger clasp, and allow more of 3 dimensional design. Made especially for pearl necklaces, we have the 8mm

. This clasp will allow you to join 2 necklaces for a longer look. The sterling silver clasps will blend in nicely as interesting accents. Similarly, if you’re designing and selling in sets, the customer may wish to wear bracelets only some of the time, and at other times, join the bracelet to the necklace for a longer length. The slip clasp, with more surface area, can also allow for stone settings and other embellishments. It is sturdy, but a bit more difficult to use for those with arthritis because of the smaller push lever.


without the trigger lever are versatile enhancers as well. You can add a pendant stone, large crystal, or lampwork bead to the bottom hole of this clasp. This can be used as a removable pendant and can be added to many different necklaces for alternative looks. When cleverly done, you can use this pendant to anchor a necklace so that it opens on the side. This is most effective for a fancy


There are

that can be oxidized (see

) and relieved. The effect is stunning. The crevices are blackened, and they highlight the intricate pattern that makes filigree so beautiful.

Sterling silver clasps come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Striking the right balance for a jewellery piece is very rewarding. The details are what separate great designers from good designers.