Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling Silver Chains
Sterling Silver Chains have recently become a very important aspect of Jewellery Designs. Whether it’s layering Sterling Silver Chains, mixing Sterling Silver Chains with Gold Vermeile Chains, or combining Sterling Silver Chains with Fresh Water Pearls and Semi-precious Stone Beads, this trend is more popular than ever and has recently graced the covers of leading fashion magazines such as; In Style, Vogue and Flare. Sterling Silver Chains are wonderful to work with, they are hypo-allergenic and highly valued. They can be airy and add a classic, yet bold look to Jewellery Designs. They come in a variety of links (oval, round, lily pad, mixed shapes) and textures (smooth, hammered , brushed). The best Sterling Silver Chains come from Italy, USA, and ISO9002 Chinese companies. Handmade Sterling Silver Chains from India are best brushed or hammered. A good Sterling Silver Chain should always have soldered links.

Sterling Silver Chain Care

An effective and inexpensive way to clean a Sterling Silver Chain is with a few generous scraps of Ivory soap. Just add some water, and put into a slow tumbler for a few hours.

Antiquing Sterling Silver Chains

Jax Silver Blackener can give you the best results. You can get it from Lacy in Toronto or Vancouver, or ask your local Jewellery Supplies store. To relieve the blackness to highlight the Sterling Silver Chain’s natural designs, and give the Silver Chain depth for your jewellery making, use steel wool or fine sand paper.  Always use gloves and a mask when using steel wool to brush Sterling Silver Chains and Silver Findings.