Sterling Silver Chains Revisited

Sterling Silver Chains Revisited

Why is Sterling Silver so Popular When it Comes to Chains?

Silver has been increasing in popularity over the past decade. There are many reasons for this, Sterling Silver Chains are not only beautiful, they have become the new classic. This article will discuss why silver has gained mass popularity in jewelry chains.

Firstly, these chains are extremely versatile, a much desired feature for jewelry. They are good to be worn as bracelets, neck-pieces, anklets and even chokers. What’s more, silver is a metal that can be worn with almost any outfit making it a failsafe option for any fashionista.

Secondly, as world gold prices remain cost prohibitive they have become a popular substitute for designers and consumers alike. The affordability makes it extremely attractive.

Another factor in popularity is that there’s more selection, from simple classics to complex designs. The Cable , Rolo and Box are a few designs that are common.

Sterling Silver Chains Revisited
A satellite chain is the perfect finishing touch for this wire wrapped pendant.

Italy is one of the biggest producers of excellent quality machine made, however China is fast becoming a large producer using Italian made machinery. Handmade Chinese chains are of superb quality, as their factories combine discipline and artistry. Americans also produce high quality chains but on a much smaller scale than the Italians.

This is the right time to design with Sterling Silver Chains  the price of silver has dropped and there is a greater selection of chain now than ever. Chain sections can be cut to create earrings and blended with Stone Beads and Pearls to create different silhouettes for necklaces and bracelets.

It’s important to provide proper product care as silver will tarnish when exposed to corrosive elements. It’s a good idea to inform your customers that they should always remove their chain before sleeping, showering or swimming in order to ensure its beauty will last.