Sterling Silver Bells

Making Sterling Silver Bells Using Cones

Vine Cone in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Bells , with exquisite jingle sounds make wonderful charm bracelets. As you move, the little tinkle sounds they make are delightful. There are traditional Sterling Silver Bells that are already made, and basically those consist of a small Sterling Silver Bead within a hollow Sterling Silver Bead . Although these are popular and make a pretty sound, more creative Sterling Silver Bells can be made with the plethora of Sterling Silver Cones

Sterling Silver Cone Paisley

The clapper, or piece that strikes the bell to create the sound, can be made using a small Sterling Silver Bead . A crystal or stone bead can create a sound, but it will not be as sharp as one that can be made with a Sterling Silver Bead . This Sterling Silver Bead can be made to rattle by wire wrapping it with a headpin to create a small loop. Then suspend this with another wrap, with the other end of the wire through the cone and wrapped again. The size of the wraps should correspond to the size of the hole and the height of the cone. The larger and heavier the Sterling Silver Bead , the louder the sound it will make when it strikes the sides of the cone. Play around with different options of beads as well as silver cones, to test for the perfect pitch.

Sterling Silver Cones make perfect Sterling Silver Bells . Mix these with different semi-precious stones and hang them off of a decorative chain and you will have a wonderful charm bracelet. The Sterling Silver Cones can be made with solid silver sides or filigree. If it is textured or filigree, consider oxidizing and brushing it to enhance its pattern.

Sterling Silver Bells are a fun and unique way to add a personal element to a charm bracelet. Remember, the appeal of jewellery is as much audible as visual!

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