Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 7 – Efficient Packing and Unpacking

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop:  Part 7 – Efficient Packing and Unpacking

When you’re pressured by time to pack and unpack your shop, either because you’re working alone or because you little access time to the premises outside of selling hours, efficient packing plays an important role.

Do most of your preparation at home, or at your regular store location, and pack your suitcase with trays in exactly the order you’ll be taking and laying them out.  This minimizes fuss when you’re setting up, and is extremely helpful when you need to stop and interact with curious customers who can’t wait to see what you have – this is the best case scenario of course!

It’s ideal if your packing material can also double as displayers, such as the lids of boxes being used as risers. This not only helps to create visual interest, it also means you won’t have to search for the lids later.  All you need to do is flip the lid over and the boxes are ready to stack when it’s time to tear down your pop-up shop. The fastest way to look like you’re all set up is to lay out all the displays where you want them before adjusting the jewelry.

Sketch out the ‘big picture’ before filling in the details.  Put the earring racks out where you want them before hooking on the earrings if this can’t be done beforehand, same with the contents of each tray.  This keeps your table from looking overly messy looking while you’re setting up.  It also avoids having to do things twice as some things get messy when moved or tweaked!

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