Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 5 – Earring Displays

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 5 – Earring Displays

When displaying earrings sometimes you just need height, sometimes you have limited space or a lot of empty table space. There are also times when the statement pieces just won’t fit into standard earring racks.  It’s important to find unique objects that can be repurposed.

At this pop-up, I’ve used desktop foldable postcard/photograph holders from Umbra which I’ve clipped my earring cards into. They’re lightweight, foldable ( for easy teardown and storage ), offer height and added interest while allowing me to display larger and longer earrings. I’ve long discovered that giftware and home decor stores are packed with interesting objects that are great for jewelry merchandising.

If you have carded earrings and a lot of table space, consider using dishes filled with lentil or rice. It’s inexpensive and will instantly add an organic appeal to your display. Or use acrylic risers to compartmentalize the groupings, and consider adding interesting paper for enhanced visual interest!

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