Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: part 4 – Merchandising Colours

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: part 4 – Merchandising Colours

Thin jewelry can become visually lost when merchandised with chunkier pieces. The best way to provide visual impact when you have a mixture of sizes is to group them by colour. Purples, pinks and wines work well together. Likewise, reds, oranges and browns group well. I find that it’s best to create sections with trays or risers to give context.

Putting purples next to greens work well even though they’re opposites. Likewise, browns next to blues complement, followed by grey and blacks. It’s always a good idea to merchandise like metals together, gold with other gold pieces. If you have the luxury of space, I feel that metals supersede stone colours. Although I love mixing gold and silver, and wear a lot of two-tone jewellery, some do not and may find it confusing. If you need to mix metals, it is best to group like metals together!

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