Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry

Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry

How To Make Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry – Step by Step Tutorial with Orion Micro Welder

Body jewelry is beautiful, and even more exciting when it is permanent!  Here I filmed myself making a permanent ring bracelet just from chain and jump rings, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.

First, measure the chain needed for the finger ring. I would suggest that the chain go over the knuckle. Fingers can expand from 1/2 to a full size during the summer and when you’re hot. Also, you may wish to turn the piece into a removable one through the bracelet.

Loop through the chain along with a long piece of chain, using a jump ring. Remember to check the chain is laying flat, not twisted. Weld it first.

The ring bracelet is almost finished! Fit the ring over the finger and straighten out the long chain over the back of the hand.  Take another piece of chain and measure around the wrist, making sure that it is not too restrictive.  Attach the piece of chain that is wrapped around the wrist to the long chain over the back of the hand, using a jump ring. Always check that the chain is smooth, not twisted. Weld the jump ring closed.  Double check that you are happy with the way the piece sits, and its length, before trimming the excess chain.

Tip – just in case you change your mind for the permanent ring bracelet, you can add a clasp to remove the bracelet.  This would also allow the ring part to be removable.

The components I used: 1.3mm gold filled rolo chain – made in USA CR0FG along with 3mm 24 ga gold filled jump ring – made in USA FJ12G