Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent jewelry? 

Permanent jewelry is a type of accessory that is designed to be worn continuously without the need for removal. It typically consists of a bracelet, anklet, or necklace that lacks a conventional clasp. Instead, the ends of the jewelry piece are welded together in a process more commonly known as “zapping”. This ensures that the jewelry remains securely fastened and can withstand everyday wear and tear without the risk of it falling off or getting lost.  

It has gained enormous popularity because of its permanence – an added level of commitment and meaning, if you will. In order to remove it, it must be cut off.

What is a pop-up event? 

Pop-up events are temporary gatherings that take place in unique and creative locations for a few hours or days before being dismantled. These events can be both planned and unplanned and can have a surprise and transient effect to help create excitement and generate more business.

Who would benefit from this service? 

This service has been created to benefit permanent jewelry artists (PJ Artists) and small businesses (Hosts) – boutiques, salons/lash bars, tattoo parlours, galleries, markets, and any establishment that can host or facilitate pop-up events. This service will help PJ Artists save time from having to cold call establishments to work with, and help businesses from having to screen equipped and qualified PJ Artists.  It will save a lot of time and leg work so that your effort will be focused on generating more profits.

Stones and Findings, wholesaler of premium quality chains and permanent jewelry supplies, also benefits as our customers’ businesses grow.

Does your service have a cost? 

No! PJ Match Finder is a completely free service. 

What information do you need to sign up? 

In order to register, you will be required to provide your name and/or your business name, the email address you prefer for communication, your physical address, and the distance you are willing to travel. While providing additional information is optional, it can enhance your profile and make it more appealing to potential collaborators.

Who will have access to my information?

Since the goal is to connect hosts and permanent jewelry artisans your information will only be visible to parties within your designated proximity. 

How will you use my information? 

The information provided will be used to match permanent jewelry artisans with boutique hosts. We will never share your information without your consent – this service is made for you in hopes of establishing reliable collaborators in your area. 

What is your privacy policy?

Click here to view the Stones and Findings Privacy Policy. 

Does the PJ Artist have to pay rent or share profits?

Rent and profit share is completely up to both parties – and different regions have different common practices.  Rent and profit share preferences are part of the *Required questions in the profile, and you will be shown only the potential partners that meet these criteria.

It is our belief that, when looking for a long-term partnership, it is generally good practice to be fair and generous.  If a PJ artist is making great profits, it is best to share some of that with the store, so that the host wants you back (unless the store is also generating a lot of extra sales from additional sales from the added foot-traffic and they are happy with that).  Conversely, if it has not been that busy, or the store is financially benefiting from the pop-up far more than the PJ Artist, then the store should forgo significant rent.  

We want everyone to win and to have more collaborations.  The way to do this is if it is fair and good for everyone.

Am I matched based on my location?  

Yes! You will only be matched with permanent jewelry artists or hosts within your geographical area. Our matching service uses geo-location and the distance you’re willing to travel to determine your best matches.

What are the Terms and Conditions for PJ Match Finder?

View Terms and Conditions Here.

PJ Match Finder
PJ Match Finder