Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Tip – How to Find The Jump Ring Seam After Closing Before Welding

Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Tip – How to Find The Jump Ring Seam After Closing Before Welding


In this video I demonstrate ways to help you locate the jump ring seam more easily once it has been properly closed.

Several permanent jewelry welders have asked if I struggle to find the seam once the jump ring is tightly closed (sides touching).  Yes!! Of course, I do and you can hear me in some videos. When I let the camera run, I tell myself that I did such a good job of it that I can’t find it.  It’s really hard because the rings are small and shiny. You’re looking behind a screen and at a distance (nevermind that I really need bi-focals).  Add to that, you’re working in front of a stranger – so the pressure is on!

Over the course of time, I have developed 3 ways to help me locate the seam easily. You’ll be able to weld spot on (pun intended).  

Method 1: Equidistance 

When you close your jump ring with two pairs of pliers, have the pliers equidistant from the seam. Make this a habit!  For example, having the pliers at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions.  You know the seam will be at the 12 o’clock position.  So, you don’t actually have to be able to see the seam – you know where it is.  Or 10 and 2 o’clock.  It’s a matter of habit when you’re practicing.  Or with time and habit, you will get this.

Method 2: Magnifying Lamp

I recently researched and purchased a magnifying lamp (also posted a review of it) from Amazon.  It was less than $60 and I liked it because it had different light settings, tilt settings and base/clip options.  The magnification was 5x and that was strong enough for me to see even at a distance.  

I had also posted a review on a magnifying head gear with lights and different lenses (up to 8x magnification).  However, a number of people felt that it wasn’t a great look on them. It flattened their hair – enough said, I get it.

Method 3: Marking the Seam with Permanent Marker

Take a thicker permanent marker and mark where the seam is.  You can do this in advance, before the clients are there.  The marker leaves a slight mark after welding, but that is easily removable with a white eraser. This does not leave any brush/scratch marks.