Introducing: The Ultimate Permanent Jewelry Training Course – Now Available!

Introducing: The Ultimate Permanent Jewelry Training Course – Now Available!

We would like to introduce the Ultimate Permanent Jewellery Training Course. We use the word Ultimate because no other word can describe it better. Within its 49 videos and 87 pages in the PDF’s, it covers all the aspects and training for starting, operating and growing a successful permanent jewelry business.

Stones And Findings is a wholesaler of premium chains, components and welders in the permanent jewelry industry. Dana has started and operated a number of successful small businesses, and in the past 3 years, we have helped a number of entrepreneurs start and grow their permanent jewelry business to massive success. Dana has a degree in finance and an MBA; she is an Instructor at the Permanent Jewelry Expo and we operate a Youtube channel dedicated to permanent jewelry business and jewelry making. Our experience and successes qualify us to be the producers of the ideal training course.

We decided to dedicate several months of our team’s time to create this extensive course after many people have reached out to us with questions and asked us to create this because they felt, after taking other paid courses and done online research, there were gaps – things they struggled with or wished were taught but weren’t.

We gathered all the questions and feedback from our customers, followers, permanent jewelry community forums and students from the PJX to develop this Ultimate Permanent Jewelry Training Course.

The videos cover technical aspects of permanent jewelry welding – from setting up all the equipment, to their maintenance, from beginner to advanced welding techniques and how best to measure and weld bracelets, rings, anklets and necklaces and more.

The 49 videos and 87 pages of resources on this permanent jewelry training cover extensively product knowledge and customer support: from how to educate your customers about PJ, managing their expectations, product knowledge and care, to the warranties and policies. Not only does the course have full videos, it has the full wording that you can use. You can simply copy, paste and share – it’s all done for you.

Drawing from Dana’s finance background and experience, we guide you, in-depth, through the finances of the permanent jewelry business. From specific price lists to pricing and branding strategies, inventory guidance and profit calculators. We go through how to register a business, license, the insurance policies you’ll want, from waivers, to a list of things you will need to purchase or register for.

And above and beyond any permanent jewelry training course on the market, we have included sections on gladiatorial business strategies – so competitive strategies and executables if you are the only Permanent Jewelry Business in town and also if you are entering a market with already many players. In other words, how do you take market share, assert dominance, and beat the others out.

We have also filmed in-depth sections on developing the Mental Strength of a Tycoon. Lessons on how to overcome fear of failure, self-doubt, setbacks and all the mental challenges entrepreneurs face from launching a business through the often lonely road of success and empire building.

The Ultimate Permanent Jewelry Training Course covers everything you will need to be fully trained and knowledgeable to operate and grow an incredibly successful permanent business. Although we have filmed and shared over 130 free YouTube videos on permanent jewelry welding and business, this is far above and beyond what we already make available. That is why it has taken so many months of hard work to create this course.

We look forward to being a part of your permanent jewelry journey – let’s grow our businesses together! See you soon.

The Stones And Findings Team

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