Pear Shaped Semi Precious Stones

Pear Shaped Semi Precious Stones

Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones are incredibly common in jewelry. You see them in earrings, bracelets and you even see them in rings. Their shape, when used, gives a simple design a wide range of designs and is versatile enough to give your one piece several different possibilities.


Pear Shaped Semi Precious Stones


You can use Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones in many different ways on a necklace. One large semiprecious stone can be used to anchor your necklace and customers can wear them with a V-neck top. Several of them hanging together, like in a chandelier or tiered multi-strand necklace, which gives your piece the weight it needs without bulging out (like coins do) or looking too awkward (like rectangular stones).

You can also drop the pear shaped stones in between unusual shapes (such as sterling silver charms, keshi or biwa pearls) to give uniformity amongst too much different oddly shaped components. Center drilled pear shaped stones can also be mixed in with coins and marquise shaped stones of various sizes to give texture and character to your piece.

In large necklaces that feature different materials, you can string together a small cluster of side drilled Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones to give the necklace a different feel. Pear shaped beads fit together neatly and give the piece a uniform but also woven effect. You can also use this technique with different sized pear shaped stones that allow you to add greater variety into your piece without making it look disorganized or unstructured.


Pear Shaped Semi Precious Stones


Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones can also be hung in tiered chandelier earrings. You can start off with a sterling silver filigree frame and drop pears from it. You can also hang small increments of chain from the frame and drop the pears from the chain. By adding layers of this chain, you’ll get a chandelier effect which will hang nicely and add fluidity to your piece. Once again, the pear, because of its unique shape, gives the piece shape without looking odd or sticking out.

Another way is to hang an increment of chain off of a filigree frame and hang different sized pears from it. You’ll get a different kind of variety and depth in your piece without using too much material. Easy earrings can also be created by hanging one Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones from a hammered, waved or textured soldered ring. The pear shape anchors the piece down smoothly and gives the piece a nice finish that cannot be done if using a round, oval, square or rectangular component.

Overall, Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones are incredibly versatile pieces. Their angled sides allow them to be pieced together in uniform or varied clusters on a large necklace. Also because of their round ends, they are great and simple anchors for necklace pendants and earrings. Using Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones is a great way to liven up your jewelry, provide more visual contrast and interest, and really add a new element of sparkle to your work.

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