Orion mPulse Micro Welder: part 5 – Maintenance

Orion mPulse Micro Welder: part 5 – Maintenance

Tungsten Electrode Maintenance ( sharpening the welding point )

Just like a knife blade, the tungsten electrodes become dull with use and over time will need to be sharpened. Here is a quick video showing how to replace and sharpen a worn tungsten electrode.

Argon Gas for oxidization free soldering

Argon gas; which is very heavy and behaves in the opposite way of helium, can be hooked up to the welding machine so that with each weld a puff of argon gas blows away the oxygen.

The result is welding without any dark markings that require cleaning. It is easy to Google a local gas supplier, and for the initial full tank purchase along with delivery I paid approximately US$140, with refills costing US$40. In Toronto, Canada, it will cost approximately C$300 for everything plus one refill. Crevices are hard to clean without the pickle bath and each tank can last a long time, so it’s worth the money.