New Designs with Classic Components

New Designs with Classic Components

The Grapevine Connector

Our Sterling Silver Grape Vine Connector has always been a popular component, designers love its organic texture and visual appeal. However, sometimes they have a hard time fitting it in with their designs and often ask us for ideas.  We happen to love this connector, so we came up with a couple ideas to show off the versatility of this compone

This simple necklace is as easy as it gets. Add some sterling silver leaf charms and a fun sparkly sterling silver chain, and you’re laughing.

Do you like the idea of dangling charms, but it’s not quite enough for you? Try hanging the Sterling Silver Grape Vine Connector asymmetrically and add a sterling silver charm in the center, add some cubic zirconia dangles around the vine. Fantastic!

Not a fan of sterling silver animal charms? Try using jump rings to hold the grapevine connector to the chain, and jump ring a Swarovski crystal in the center. The pendant moves freely around the chain, and is topped off with some sterling silver leaves for sparkle.

The connector makes fantastic earrings too! You can use any of the designs above, or any variation your heart desires.Try something completely different, remember all of our sterling silver components are easy to customize!

Try bending our Sterling Silver Grape Vine Connector around a pencil. You get a lovely organic spiral that looks great with pearls, crystals, or our sterling silver leaf charms.

We hope these ideas inspire you to try something new with a classic component!