New Designs with Classic Components – Part 3

New Designs with Classic Components – Part 3

Peony Pendant

Our Sterling Silver Peony Pendant is a new addition to our Exclusive collection, and we’re still coming up with great jewellery designs to feature it.

The Sterling Silver Peony Pendant looks lovely with pastel shades, especially shades that are reminiscent of its flower. We’re fans of pairing it with rose quartz, big chunky stones work well with this pendant and help offset its delicacy.

The Sterling Silver Peony Pendant looks beautiful on its own, and even better with a simple crystal hanging beneath it. We tried pairing the peony with a fun diamond chain, and a simple purple cubic zirconia.

If you find you’d prefer a bit more substance to your necklace, try embellishing the chain itself. Space out themed charms with crystals or pearls to help boost the visual weight of your necklace.

The same concept applies to the Sterling Silver Peony Pendant itself. Try hanging various crystals from its petals for a chandelier type look.

The Sterling Silver Peony Pendant can always be modified to suit your design. Try doming it slightly to fit over a large coin bead, or to make a more close-fitting bracelet.  This pendant leaves a lot of room for creative expression, and we hope we’ve given you some ideas that you can use to customize your own design.