New Designs with Classic Components – Part 2

New Designs with Classic Components – Part 2

Storm Cloud Connector

We’ve seen a lot of really neat designs using our Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector , and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it here in the showroom! Sometimes designers find the label ‘connector’ off-putting, and let themselves get caught up in the two little rings on either side of the component. Here’s a couple of designs we came up with using the Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector that we feel really show off the versatility of this design.

This first necklace design is pretty basic. We’ve stuck with the ‘cloud’ theme and added some tiny gold vermeille clouds to either side of the Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector. Throw a couple of cubic zirconias into the design, and you’ve transformed this connector into a lovely focal pendant.

These earrings would pair fantastically with the necklace we just showed you! Once again, we used the Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector as a focal point rather than an accent. These earrings are chunky and playful, a fun little stormy set!

I have to say, necklaces are my favorite use of this connector. We’ve hung the Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector asymmetrically, using the loops of the design as a way to fasten the chain and crystals.

Don’t restrict yourself to just one! The Sling Silver Storm Cloud Connector looks fantastic as part of a storm front.

We’ve clearly favored the teardrop shaped stones for these images, but don’t be afraid to branch out with diamond shapes, chunky pearls, ovals and rounds. Just try laying them out like we have here, and it’ll really help you visualize the piece before you start putting them together.

If you have a hard time designing, feel free to lay everything out like we have. Just grab the pieces you know you want to work with, and start laying them out on your desk. Give yourself the freedom to play; nothing is set in stone!

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