Possessing the unearthly radiance of the moon, this stone is known worldwide as an absolute delight. It is especially famous for a distinctive and uncanny three-dimensional shimmering play of light called “adularescence”. This process is scientifically explained by the reflection of light off of internal mineral inclusions, but anyone who has seen the trademark brilliance of moonstone’s glimmering lustre knows that all words and explanations fall short of.

Still, to be impacted by the experience of moonstone’s magic gleam is to gain some understanding of the rich mystique surrounding the gem. In classical Indian folklore, moonstone was thought to bring its bearer future premonitions and lucid dreams. The ancient Romans theorized that moonstone was actually made out of frozen moonlight.

Moonstone is frequently cut en cabochon to showcase its lighting effects, and requires a skilled lapidary to do the job properly. It is a relatively soft stone, so care should be taken when wearing and handling. The moonstone jewellery bead is believed to strengthen intuition, cultivate insight, aid fertility, nurture loving kindness, and balance yin and yang forces.

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