Permanent Jewelry Trends and Ideas – Permanent Jewelry Expo Lesson, Tutorial, and Notes

Permanent Jewelry Trends and Ideas – Permanent Jewelry Expo Lesson, Tutorial, and Notes

In this video, I share the latest trends and ideas for permanent jewelry. I taught this course at the recent Permanent Jewelry Expo (PJX) in Las Vegas.

The Permanent Jewelry Industry is growing fast and furiously, with many new components and trends coming onto the market. This video is a fun slideshow of creative permanent jewelry ideas emerging from both established and new markets. I discuss the appeal of each of these trends and hope to ignite your creativity.

My thoughts: If we understand the appeal of permanent jewelry, we will better understand how it is evolving and be better able to predict where it will go.

The appeal:

Permanence – with so much change all around us, especially recently, we have seen a movement towards permanence. We are drawn to constancy, but even before Covid and tumultuous changes in our lives in rapid fire, there was already a decade of tattoos gaining popularity and becoming mainstream.

Commitment – it’s about commitment. With so many disposable things, disposable ideas and changing emotions, people are looking for commitment. They are signalling their commitment – be it a tattooed design or words or phrases.

Self-Expression – this has always been a part of human nature, since the beginning of time. This is the core of fashion, beauty, art, the internet and social media. It is a part of every person and anything that is a platform for self-expression will be highly valued.

Inspiration – something we often have trouble articulating, but it plays a very important role in our well-being, growth and mental health. Whether it is aspiring to be like our role model/idol or setting goals for ourselves to be the best version of ourselves, anything that reminds us of that goal, will give us energy to move forward. Any talisman that can provide this inspiration will be highly valued and sought after.

Permanent Jewelry fits the bill perfectly because it provides an elevated level of permanence and a symbol of our commitment creative platform for self-expression. Many use it as a reminder of their inspiration.

Trends and the latest trends I give examples of include:

Achievement Bracelets
Team Bracelets
Finger Ring Bracelets
Ring Connector Design
Layered Rings
Anklet Toe Rings
Anklet Men’s Bracelets
Mens Layering Quilt Bracelets
Two-Tone Oxidized Silver Fidget Rings
Number of Siblings/Children Souvenir Bracelets (done on location) Souvenir Bracelets (tokens brought and welded after returning Home) Promise Bracelet (cut at designated time)
Engagement and marriage (cut and re-welded with pieces of each other) Bold chains on women
Mother daughter symbols
Sliding beads blending
Antique keepsake charms within frames
Eclectic mix Engraved id bracelet
Permanent Necklace Body Jewelry
Bespoke jewelry lengths

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If you have other ideas that have worked, or if you have feedback, please share it in the comments below – the community would love to read it!!!