Jump Rings and Fine Chains

Jump Rings and Fine Chains

How to Add Jump Ring Through Fine Chain (and Satellite Chain)- Jewelry Tutorial

This video shows you how I enlarge the link of a fine curb chain so that an open ring can be added.

Sometimes the links in our favourite chain are too small to easily fit the jump rings we want to thread through.  This is the case for my gold filled satellite chain – CX08G.

Often times, the links are either oval or twist (curb is oval with a slight twist design).  Fortunately, you can enlarge the link by making it circular to fit a jump ring.  You can do this by simply using a push pin with a slender tip.  Work at it slowly in circular motion.

Note:  if the link is already circular, there isn’t a lot you can do to make it bigger.  If you force it, it may become weak.  The best thing to do then is to simply to use thin wire to do figure 8 wire wrap or to solder or weld directly onto it.

These are the components I’ve used in this video:

gold filled satellite chain CX08G

gold filled jump ring 3mm – 24 ga (0.5mm diameter) (FJ12G)