Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap Beads Onto A Frame For A Unique Look

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap Beads Onto A Frame For A Unique Look


This method works for any frame and any bead, but I am using Herkimer Diamonds and Open Oval pendant by Amoracast here.  

Start by cutting wire that is long enough for the wrapping of the beads.  Here I have cut 10cm to wrap 3 beads.  Then you thread the beads, holding them down on the frame approximately where you would like them to eventually sit.  Take one end of the wire and wrap around the fram 3-4 times.  Tighter is better, so use pliers to help you.  Push the loops closely together and pull tightly to finish.

While holding the first bead against the frame, and where you would like it to sit, take the longer wire and wrap around the frame twice (you can do it just once, but it is more secure against shifting if it went around more than once).  You may have to adjust the first bead, and it is advisable to adjust often, as opposed to at the very end, when it becomes harder.  Then slide the second bead into place.  While holding the first two beads in place, continue to wrap around the frame.  Repeat for the third bead.  

Once you are happy with the placement of all of your beads, finish the end wrap.  Do the same number of wraps on this side as you did on the other.  Pull tightly as possible and push the wraps together.  Once you are happy with the wraps, trim and push flush with your pliers.

Tip – it is far easier to wrap with soft wire than hard because hard wire will have the tendency to uncoil.  It is not impossible, you just have to pull harder and use your pliers to press it down into place more often.