Wire Wrap – Flower Connector

Wire Wrap – Flower Connector

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap a Florette Pattern Connector

In this jewelry tutorial video, I will show you how to wire wrap a Florette (or flower pattern) connector with beads.

This method works for all different sizes of stone beads, pearls or crystals. You can substitute for size and shape to make so many different styles. It is great to make connectors for both simple and intricate earrings, necklaces and bracelets. With this simple wire wrapping technique, you can make an entire collection of jewellery!

The length of wire you wish to use depends on the size of beads.

Love using wire? Try this out!

Tip – count the number of wraps (therefore the length of the neck of the wrap) and make sure you do the same at the other end, if you wish for them to look identical.

Make sure to have the right tools! It’s always best to have to following on hand. Tow pairs of flat nose pliers, one pair of round nose pliers and a pair of cutters. These four pieces will get you through most wire wrapping projects.