Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap A Cocktail Ring


Start by measuring the amount of wire you will need.  You can easily do this by using a piece of string or dental floss – place around the knuckle or ring sizer and then stretch it out over a ruler.  Or you can look it up online if you know the size.  For my ring, I wanted size 7 – circumference is just over 2.5″ (6.5cm).   Decide the thickness of the band you want (number of loops you want around the finger given the thickness of the wire you’ve chosen).  Add 12″ (30cm) for wrapping underneath the stone.  For my ring, I wanted 5 times around plus the extra = 5×2.5″ +12″ = 24.5″ (in metric 5×6.5cm + 30cm = 62.5cm)

If you do not have a ring sizer, a tube or thick marker of the same circumference will work.  Take one end of the wire and wrap around the ring sizer over 1/2 the number of times you intend, leaving at least 1 1/2″ (4 cm) of excess wire. Then holding the down stone, take the other end of the wire and wrap the rest of the loops for the band.  Pull tightly to reduce slack, while making sure it is the size you need.

Take the shorter end of the wire and wrap around the band tightly under the stone.  Trim and tuck in the end close to stone.  Take the long end of the wire and wrap snugly around the band, on the other side of the stone, so as to match what you’ve done with the shorter wire.  

Then use the remainder of the long wire to wrap underneath the stone, making sure that it is snug and supports the stone nicely.  Pierce through the coil of wire once, so as to have a secure end, trim and tuck in the end into the coil of wire. 

In this video, I used the following components :

FW0XG-63 cm of 22 gauge gold filled soft wire

YZ02G-0.6m used 10x14mm cubic zirconia

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